Dr Gautam Kulkarni
Consultant Paediatrician

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Aches & Pains


Most causes of headaches are completely benign; migraines and Tension headaches being the common culprits. My preference however is to perform a MRI scan if there is any diagnostic uncertainty.

Tummy aches

Tummy aches affect young children very frequently. Very commonly this means children missing school for many days each year. A careful history can help identify preventable causes such as food intolerances or allergies. Very often, quite simple interventions such as dietary changes can make a dramatic difference!

Joint Pains & Growing Pains

Joint pains in children are often dismissed in children as a part of "Growing". Recent evidence suggests otherwise though; as many other causes such as Vitamin D deficiency may be important contributory factors! Teenagers may present with inflammatory problems such as arthritis, needing prompt pick up and management.

Chest pain

This can cause a great deal of anxiety in children. Thankfully, the causes of chest pain in children are far less sinister. A thorough evaluation is important before deciding whether reassuarance is the way forward or if more investigations are warranted.