Dr Gautam Kulkarni
Consultant Paediatrician

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Allergy & Asthma

Food allergy

Allergies are unfortunately on the rise. From milk intolerance in babies, nut allergies in childhood to oral allergy syndrome in adolescents; allergies if undetected or managed inappropriately can have significant consequences. The diagnosis is based on a careful history, selection of investigations and distinction between true allergy and sensitisation. Patient Education along with a written management plan forms the basis of treatment. Probiotics, Immune therapy and desensitisation are novel mechanisms that can be used in selected patients.


Traditional management of asthma is based on optimal use of preventer medications. There is growing knowledge that breathing techniques such as "tidal breathing" can influence the course. Some find added benefit in combining complementary & alternate medicine to standard drug treatment. As our understanding improves, its clear that there is significant variation in the severity, aggravating factors and course in each person. A personalised approach looking at individual circumstances, coexisting allergies and environmental factors is most likely to offer sustained relief.


From oral antihistaminics and nasal steroids to SLIT (sublingual immune therapy), the options for treating hayfever have increased rapidly. Together we can find a solution best suited for your child and you!