Dr Gautam Kulkarni
Consultant Paediatrician

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Infection & Immunity


Having an unwell child is extremely disturbing. When these episodes seem recurrent and protracted; getting a second opinion seems justified. Its unusual for healthy children to need admission to hospital or need treatment with Intravenous antibiotics more than once.

Traditional wisdom suggests a healthy combination of sunshine, multivitamins and probiotics. Though this approach may not be evidence based, I do find complementary strategies useful in some situations.


A low white cell count (especially the Neutrophil component - Neutropenia) is the commonest Immune problem prompting a consultation. Typically, this is temporary, subsequent to an infection and the counts recover spontaneously.

A thorough examination followed by a watchful eye on the blood counts is usually all that's needed. Primary Immune problems in the general population are usually quite rare and present early in infancy with fulminant infections.