Dr Gautam Kulkarni
Consultant Paediatrician

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As a Paediatrician, I am experienced in treating children of all ages. From babies to teens about to join University, I am happy to provide an opinion! 

My philosophy is to offer sensitive, child centered consultations in a comfortable, unhurried environment. I find it really important to take the time out to explain to children in a language they understand. I offer a full range of pediatric services ranging from neonates to adolescents.

Allergies & Intolerance

Feeding problems & weight gain

Constipation & Tummy aches

Bedwetting & accidents

Anxiety & school refusal

Headaches & Migraines

Lymph nodes

Tiredness & fatigues

Asthma & Hayfever

Childhood Eczema & Rashes

Diarrhoea & loose stools

Urine infections & cystitis

Dizzy spells & blackouts

Absences & epilepsy

Frequent Infections

Delay / advanced puberty

In some situations, once we have identified the problem; an onward referral may be necessary to another specialist; I am happy to arrange that onn your behalf!