Dr Gautam Kulkarni

Consultant Paediatrician

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Dr Kulkarni is a fantastic paediatrician. He is geniuinely concerned with helping our son who has nut allergies and has been very informative both in the consultations and subsequently over email. It is a great weight off our minds to have him helping our son. Many thanks! *


We recently took our three month old daughter to see Dr Kulkarni as we were concerned about her slow weight gain. He conducted a full assessment and reassured us that she was absolutely fine and to just continue as we were. We were impressed not only with the way in which he conducted the consultation, but also with his follow up phone call and emails. Thank you Dr Kulkarni for your help.


Recently we had allergy tests carried out by Dr Kulkarni on our 2 year old son at Chelsfield Park Hospital. We were very impressed with how he interacted with our son and put him totally at ease during the tests, he explained exactly what he was doing to our son so that he was not surprised or fearful. It was all over very quickly and painlessly. I would definitely recommend Dr Kulkarni as a consultant paediatrician, he has an excellent way of dealing with young children and putting them at ease'.

Dr Kulkarni saw my eight month old daughter for allergy testing and it was a positive experience for the whole family. Dr Kulkarni is very good with children and enthusiastic about what he does, my daughter was happy to cooperate with him for testing. The consultation was very informative and we found the letter that followed detailed and thorough. Many thanks, Mrs B

We recently saw Dr Kulkarni as my son's hair was very coarse and dry and we thought he might also have allergy problems. Dr Kulkarni was very friendly, patient and professional and asked all the right questions. We went to London to do some tests and it turned out his iron levels were on the low side. He prescribed Vitabiotics Vitamins and within 1 month his hair was back to normal. We were very impressed by his services and would certainly recommend him to anyone. 

The East-Hickman family were so grateful for the care given to their daughter Jocey by Dr Gautam Kulkarni and Dr...

Posted by Darent Valley Hospital (DVH) on Tuesday, 24 February 2015