Dr Gautam Kulkarni

Consultant Paediatrician
Diploma Allergy

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Paediatric Consultation fees

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A Paediatric Consultation involves a Holistic approach.

In the first consultation, I take a complete history along with a full examination. A new consultation lasts typically for 30 minutes.

New Consultation  - £150 - £180 ( depending on complexity )

Follow up Consultation - £120 - £140

Consultation & Skin Prick Allergy tests - £ 180 - £ 220 ( One stop clinic )

Children less than 3 years can't be seen at Fawkham Manor or the Sloane.

Skin prick tests can be done only at Chelsfield Park or the Blackheath.

Please see below a calendar which shows current clinics and locations

Chelsfield Park, Blackheath, Sloane and Fawkham Manor are BMI Hospitals

Appointments can be made by calling BMI NEC at +44 (0)808 101 0337


Sevenoaks and Shard are HCA Hospitals and appointments can be made by calling HCA connect at +44 (0) 20 7079 4399