Dr Gautam Kulkarni

Consultant Paediatrician

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Allergy testing

An effective way of testing for allergies is by performing a skin prick test.
I can perform this for common allergens which are eaten as well as inhaled.
For fresh fruits, I can perform prick to prick tests!

The test is usually carried out on the inner forearm. (Avoid piriton for 72 hours please!)

A drop of the allergen selected (after taking a detailed history) is placed on the skin.
The skin is then pricked through the drop with the tip of a lancet!
This may feel a bit uncomfortable but not painful.

Even infants less than a year are surprisingly cooperative, I haven't had a child cry yet!
The test results are read in 20 minutes followed by counselling!

In some situations, IgE blood tests may provide additional / complementary information

Please read the leaflet at the bottom of the page on Allergy testing!


Dr Kulkarni saw my eight month old daughter for allergy testing and it was a positive experience for the whole family. Dr Kulkarni is very good with children and enthusiastic about what he does, my daughter was happy to cooperate with him for testing. The consultation was very informative and we found the letter that followed detailed and thorough. Many thanks, Mrs B



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